The best way to communicate with site visitors.

Install the chat button on your website, answer customer questions and increase your sales!

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The best way to communicate with site visitors.


Help customers faster. Increase sales.

Communicate with your visitors in real time, quickly solve their problems, make more sales.

Help customers faster. Increase sales.
No need to always be in touch.


No need to always be in touch.

Visitors will be able to send you messages, even if you are offline. You will receive corresponding Push notifications.

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Help your customers together.

You can transfer chat to another operator, join group chat, and view other people’s conversations in real time.

Help your customers together.
Be aware of what the visitor writes to you.


Be aware of what the visitor writes to you.

Read the visitor’s question before he sends you a message to shorten your response time.


Communicate with your customers where and when it is convenient for you.

Bot.Az available for iOS, Android and Web platforms. Your messages are synchronized between all your devices.

Communicate with your customers where and when it is convenient for you.


You will get everything you need to work effectively.

See what customers type.

View visitors’ messages before they click the “Send” button and respond to them faster.

Information about visitors.

Operator has access to information about visitor’s name, contact information, browser, activity on the site right during the correspondence.

Multilingual chat widget.

Visitors will see the chat widget in Azerbaijani, Russian and English, depending on the browser language settings.

Chat widget settings.

Customize layout of the chat button, chat colors, welcome message, as well as photos of operators as you wish.

Group conversations.

Transfer chat to other operators, connect to the conversation, and watch other real-time conversations.


Get information about total number of visitors and dialogues, as well as the average response time to messages.

Receive notifications.

Get push notifications about new visitors on your site, new messages, as well as about visitors who filled in the preform.

Track visitors.

The bot will inform you right in the chat about when visitor has been online and on which page visitor is now.

Individual settings.

Turn on notifications only for those visitors from whom you are waiting for a message. These settings are independent of the general ones.

Bot triggers.

Configure Bot.Az to automate communication. Triggers work under certain conditions and help your visitors, where necessary.

Manage your files.

Search files sent and received in the chat in the file manager. Delete unnecessary files in case of insufficient disk space.

API & documentation.

Get information about visitors and messages, as well as send messages using HTTP requests using the documented REST API.

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